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Star Trek House

I’m not even a big Star Trek fan but 24th Century Design deserves major praise. Check the site, you’ll see. My inner geek loves it. “Bliss is a room without wires…”


Mermaids by Marcel Wanders for Moooi


Upside Down Lamp by Benjamin Parton


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Pick Up Planter by Jason Phillips Design

One, Two, Buckle my shoe. Do you know how the song continues?  Three, four, shut the door.  Five, six, pick up sticks… Pick Up Sticks is a game of physical and mental skill.  A bundle of sticks are held in a loose bunch and release on a table top, falling in random disarray.  It is the basis for Pick Up Planter, which marries an amorphic  vessel with a seemingly random ring of rods.  Although the appearance is random, the way the configuration is achieved is quite mathematical.  I find the advanced molding and manufacturing of this organic piece to be intriguing.” – JPD

Genius as always… All I can say is that the interiors world better watch out because Jason Phillips is coming at full force. He has a great eye for chic, functional design that innovates traditional ideas and motifs. His latest work, Pick Up Planter, is a cool, modern approach to bringing nature indoors. Be sure to check out his new Summer 2011 Catalog as well.





Tall Furniture

Designer Robert Turek is on to something with his ingenious idea of “Tall Furniture” for musicians. His own words say it best: “I have created a new system for live performance. These sculpture-furniture-objects are condensed stages for each performer. By spreading the stage into multiple focal points, the audience is deeply immersed in the performance, free to move about and experience intimate and unique vantage points.”  His hard work has paid off as he is currently nominated for a Core77 Design Award.



The Tailored Townhouse by Celerie Kemble

Celerie Kemble

Elle Decor

Beautiful Mess by Alejandro Ceron

Alejandro Ceron

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