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Star Trek House

I’m not even a big Star Trek fan but 24th Century Design deserves major praise. Check the site, you’ll see. My inner geek loves it. “Bliss is a room without wires…”


L’Opera Restaurant – Paris


Sun House by Guz Architects


Guz Architects

The Arc House

MB Architecture

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Architect Barbie’s Dream House Design Competition

With this launch of Architect Barbie this summer Mattel is hoping to inspire more girls to enter male-driven design fields, such as Architecture which is only 17% women. Thus to commemorate the occasion Mattel has teamed up with The American Institute of Architecture to have students compete to design Barbie’s Dream House. Over 30 contestants joined in the competition and they had very specific guidelines: including room for an office, open living and dining areas, and plenty of room for her five pets, including her giraffe – Here is the winning design by Ting Li and Maja Paklar…



Baltasar House

Pedro Gadanho

The Mod House


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