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The Phillips Collection

Not only are they some of the nicest people you will ever meet, but the Phillips family also has a keen eye for design.

With over 20 years in the business, The Phillips Collection is still turning heads as a major innovator on the furniture and home decor scene with their avant garde approach to everyday furnishings. Recently co-founder Julie Phillips won the WithIt’s (Women in the Home Industries Today) Legacy Award and son Jason Phillips is always a contender for designer of the year, as he recently won the ARTS Award for 2010 Product Designer of the Year.

With HPFM quickly approaching I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of some of their new pieces for the season …

“In an industry that so often references historical design, I find myself of a modern generation, pushing the boundaries of what is appropriate.  My designs, however different, do have a balance to their form, a refinement of the details and an appreciation of the material and finish.  I like to absorb fashion, current events, car design, luxury goods, architecture, and so many other things and can tap into my own creative pool for on-the-spot inspiration.  I imagine this how the creative thinking of any generation go about conceiving new ideas and themes.

Traveling lets me experience raw materials, international trends and sophistications, but most importantly it has shown me how amazingly interconnected we all are.  Seeing an Apple ad in Malaysia really gets you excited about the global influence and impact design can have.  It’s amazing how good design speaks a universal language and can make everyone smile.

I love woods with figured grains.  I am also very into metals and glass.  There is a constant shift for me between materials; shiny to rough, natural to plastic, dark to light.” – Jason Phillips, VP and Creative Director for The Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection


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